Privacy Policy

How we treat your personal information ?


When buying from an online store, ours or someoneelse, so you will leave from you information about yourself. Where you live,what email address you have and what you are. Some of our customers are wondering what we do with the information, and here we describe a little more formal way we work with information.

The foundation of all we do is to treat our customersas we ourselves want to be treated, always. This is also true when it comes to information.


What information do we collect ?


We collect as little information as possible. We need to know where you live in order to send the goods to your home. If you order to your job or summer retreat, we do not even know where you live.


When you pay by card, it is required that you provide your credit card number. It goes through a secure server Paypal that handlecard payments through us.


Then we must of course know what products you order and we need your email address to contact you with notification of delivery, asamended information, etc.


How do we use this information ?


We use this information to fulfill your order. We use your email address to send you information. Do not want to receive information from us, you can easily via a link information email cancel further information letter and will never be contacted by us again. We never away from us your information to anyone.

The only information we maintain is your email address. The remaining information is saved only as a basis for economic transaction.

Would you not think we have your email in our databasefor newsletters you can email us and we'll remove it.